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Airtel Wireless Inc. is an online store that deals in genuine and authentic computer components Parts.

Hardware, Computers, Laptops, Printers, Scanners, etc. Our company has strong relationships with top manufacturers, including Dell, HP, Lenovo, and other renowned brands. We strive to deliver high-quality products to technology enthusiasts, small, and medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises around the world.
About Us - Airtel Wireless Inc.

Airtel Wireless

Provides a huge selection of flexible computer components that come with a reliable warranty. Our product line includes routers, input and output devices, audio and video devices, storage devices such as HDD, SSD, RAM, spare batteries and chargers. Shop from Airtel Wireless online today at the lowest prices and get worldwide shipping.

Our Progress

Airtel Wireless was recently launched to meet the needs of the community with innovative technology products and services. We are confident that we will dominate the IT-ecommerce demand with our years of experience earning & delivering the stylish computer tackle products and services.

With Airtel Wireless, we are committed to becoming a full-fledged reseller and product integrator of IT equipment and operations, offering specific services in upgrading computer systems and revamping whole IT infrastructure.

Our tech-savvy advisers and professionals are committed to helping our guests move forward. We strive to deliver excellent IT-ecommerce products and services to our customers.

Our website offers a wide range of computer parts for routers, storage devices, desktops, laptops, and scrapbooks, including computer memory, Network devices, CPUs, and other accessories from all major manufacturers.

Over the years, we have sold a large number of computer hardware and completed thousands of upgrades. The client-centered approach of Airtel Wireless allows us to achieve endless performance through our commitment to our clients. We strive to support our guests with formalized and labor-intensive systems. As part of its customer-centered strategy, Airtel Wireless aims to develop an innovative and cutting-edge IT-ecommerce platform.

 We strive to gain the trust and loyalty of our customers, establish meaningful relationships with a global clientele, and provide top-notch services, support, and after-sales assistance to our visitors. From order selection to order processing, we follow up frequently with customers to ensure the best possible experience.

Our vision

Airtel Wireless wants to provide high-quality computer parts to anyone searching for authentic, genuine products. Our goal is to be the top supplier when customers look for affordable technology products online. We strive hard to meet our client’s needs and to provide consumers with all the computer parts they require.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide world-class service to every client. We aspire to become a well-known supplier of both new and used computer parts.

Basket with an offer:

Would you need a formal, non-binding quote to approve a transaction? Are you considering buying in large quantities? Use our Quote Basket service to receive quote requests quickly and easily. Offers can easily be converted into orders by saving them to the store account. As soon as we receive an offer during regular business hours, we aim to respond within two hours.

Professional logistics:

Our logistics personnel have received extensive training to ensure that your IT products are delivered quickly and securely. Due to our experience in international logistics, we offer a variety of shipping options based on your requirements. From regular courier services (UPS, USPS, FedEx, TNT, DHL), to the same-day shipping and next-day delivery, we’ll find a solution to meet your needs.

Technical support:

Whether you need updates, configurations, installations, troubleshooting, or product compatibility assistance, our in-house technicians are here to help. If you’d like more information, please contact us.


We at Airtel Wireless Computer are committed to providing you with a great customer service experience, and we stand by the products we stock. It’s easy to purchase, make payments, and get your IT requirements through our online store, which is designed with the goal of simplifying your online shopping experience. Get in touch with us using our Live Help option. Click the chat button in the lower right corner to speak with one of our support agents.

Our Team

Adeel Riaz

Director Operations

Asad Yaseen

Assistant Vice President

Muhammad Hassan

Account Manager